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Bar Reviews

The most important part of this website will be the bar reviews. I will be trying to go to various bars around Staten Island and rate the bars on six categories.

1.) Ambiance- The atmosphere of the bar, is the most important aspect of any bar. Of course, not all bars go for the same ambiance. Some bars are sports bars others are dive bars, etc. and will be noted in the reviews.

2.) Service- Bartenders should always be aware of their customers and should be able to respond to their customers in a timely manner.

3.) Drinks- Most of the time, people go out to the bars to drink. This section will talk about what drinks the bar has and their selection of cocktails.

4.) Food- Almost all great bars have food for their customers. Great food will keep a customer at a bar longer and normally provide a better bar experience for a customer. Usually the more a customer drinks, the hungrier they get.

5.) Accessibility- Staten Island is a diverse and large location. Here we will discuss where the bar is located, if its located near any train stations, parking situation, and if there are any other bars or restaurants near it.

6.) Price- Sadly, we are all not Rockefeller and sometimes we need to go out on a budget. The review will discuss the prices of some of the drinks.

All reviews will be on a Five Star scale. I will also be adding pictures/videos of all locations and there will be a comment section after each review.

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